Nick Wood

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn and our new range of canning and storing products, we decided to head out into the urban wilds of Edinburgh. Guided by the knowledgable Anna Canning from Floramedica we were guided through the hedgerows and parks nearby to our Abbeyhill store. We were surprised how much we could find - from edible plants from the cabbage family that are perfect additions to salads, to being able to eat nettles straight from the bush; boldly pinch and roll into a ball to avoid the stings. We gathered hawthorn berries; tiny ruby jewels common to most neighbourhoods and talked about Folklore and the medical uses to all these wild treats. 

Anna kindly put together some recipes celebrating the Scottish larder and making full use of these beautiful ingredients. In the afternoon, we boiled berries and crushed nettles to make jars of Nettle Kimchi, a Hawthorn Tapenade and an Elderberry Balsamic. These were then stored and ready for winter in our Weck Jars.